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BW 902A
902A is utilized for glass filled and votive candle applications. This product has a melting point of 135 °F (57 °C)

BW 925 Mottling
925 Mottling is recommended for container filled glass candles that imparts a mottled outer texture. No additional wax or waxy additives other than dye and fragrance are required.

SDW 2006-045
This product is a "one pour" container candle wax with excellent sidewall adhesion. SDW 2006-045 does not require a second pour. The use of a re-heat station for the top surface is recommended for this highly compounded hybrid product which consists of natural wax and petroleum wax.


BW 422
422 is a Fully Refined Paraffin Wax with a melting point of 142°F (61 °C).

BW 914
914 is the product of choice utilized in pillar / column / block candles. 914 has a melting point of 143 °F (61 °C)

BW 407
407 is a low melt wax recommended for votive candles. This product has a melting point of 128 °F (53 °C).

BW 422
422 has a melting point of 142 °F (61 °C) and is recommended for votive candles requiring higher heat resistance than the lower melting Votive Wax 407.

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