Benefits of Pastillated Waxes

SouthWest Wax has the ability to provide wax products in pastillated (bead) form. The production benefits are:

Handling Economies of Pastillated Wax

  • More efficient to store and transport in a manufacturing plant
  • Quicker and easier to handle than cumbersome wax slabs
  • Reduces costly damage that occurs when handling slabs
  • Eliminates mess and residue

Simplified Color Addition of Pastillated Wax

  • Easier and quicker to add colors at pre-mix stage
  • Less waste when mixing small batches

Measuring Economics of Pastillated Wax

  • Works equally well with automated or manual systems
  • Reduces time and handling costs
  • Prevents mixing errors that occur when dividing slabs
  • Eliminates left-over waste when making small batches

Automatic Conveyor Efficiencies of Pastillated Wax

  • Transport effectively with screw, air and belt conveyors
  • Helps increase speed of production line
  • Reduces dependency on expensive manual labor
  • Minimizes costly damage that occurs with wax slabs

Rapid Shipment of Pastillated Wax

  • Plants and warehouses are strategically located
  • Coast-to-coast distribution minimizes delivery times
  • Each order is delivered on-time, right when it’s needed