Bottle Sealing Wax

Advantages to restaurants are immediate.

  • The handling efficiency is easier to open than foil or other cumbersome wrappings
  • The serving efficiency leaves no foil cuts or remnants on bottles. No knives or cutters are required
  • The improved appearance readily shows the integrity of the cork
Bottle Sealing Wax

Appeal to consumers is increased.

  • The entire package is easier to open and serve at home
  • There is less waste

Sales appeal is generated with competitive wine market.

  • Wax provides a unique, clean and upscale appearance
  • Wax highlights the bottle or label with choice of clear or colored products
Gloss Black BW-58502
Gloss Bright Red BW-63102
Blue Metallic BW-68102
Bronze Metallic – BW-67702
Classic Gold Metallic BW-72802
Copper Metallic BW-61002
Gold Metallic – BW-58902
Green Metallic– BW-68002
Platinum Metallic - BW-73302
Purple Metallic BW-68202
Red Metallic BW-73502
Silver Metallic BW-60002
Aluminum Pearl – BW-73705
Aqua – BW-71805
Autumn Sunset BW-62002
Blue Pearl – BW-67305
Champagne Pearl BW-73905
Fuchsia – BW-71502
Goldenrod BW-71902
Granite Pearl – BW-67502
Ivory Pearl – BW-67102
Lime Green – BW-71602
Pink Pearl – BW-67205
Tangerine Pearl BW-71702
White Pearl BW-67002
Black – BW-58502
Bright Blue BW-62802
Bright Red BW-63102
Bright Yellow BW-63202
Burgundy – BW-58302
Burnt Orange – BW-63605
Emerald Green – BW-72902
Forest Green – BW-61102
Honey – BW-58102
Mustard – BW-58202
Navy Blue BW-61202
Olive Green – BW-58702
Pink Flamingo - BW-74802
Purple BW-58402
Red BW-58802
Sapphire Blue – BW-72602
White BW-62902