Cheese Wax

SouthWest Wax offers a wide selection of standard and customer tailored cheese waxes for the discerning cheesemaker. These coatings are available in colors as well as natural or “clear”. Quality formulations offer excellent flexibility and durability.

All SouthWest Wax cheese waxes are made in the USA and conform to high FDA standards. The unique pigments within the colored cheese waxes also conform to FDA standards.

Cheese Wax

The First Coat
Superior protection is obtained by coating the cheese with two thin coats of wax rather than one thick coat. A second coat will cover any pinholes in the first coat and result in much more dependable protection against mold and spoilage. A clear colored cheese wax is recommended for the first coat. Colored wax used as a first coat may apply unevenly and look spotty.

The Second Coat
When coating cheese with a moist rind, the wax temperature should be above 212 °F (100 °C), say from 230 to 240 °F (110 to 116 °C). The moisture is flashed off at these temperatures, and the wax will adhere to the cheese rind. The second coat may be colored or clear wax. It is usually applied at temperatures from 160 to 180 °F (71 to 82 °C). The higher the temperature, the thinner the coat applied.

Our cheese wax is supplied in various “series” based on application. Please contact our SouthWest Wax Team for the product series perfect for your application.

BW-100 Cheesewax
This is the clear base formulation for the standard cheesewax product line. BW-100 Cheesewax is flexible, non-cracking, and provides an excellent initial pre-coat when utilized with the FDA approved pigmented cheesewax products.

BW-102 Cheesewax

BW-100 Cheesewax with Brown FDA approved pigments (Pantone 4695C)

BW-104 Cheesewax

BW-100 Cheesewax with Yellow FDA approved pigments (Pantone 109 C)

BW-107 Cheesewax

BW-100 Cheesewax with Black FDA approved pigments (Pantone 412 C)

BW-109 Cheesewax

BW-100 Cheesewax with Cheddar FDA approved pigments (Pantone 1235 C)

BW-123 Cheesewax

BW-100 Cheesewax with Green FDA approved pigments (Pantone 349 C)

BW -130 Cheesewax

BW-100 Cheesewax with Red FDA approved pigments (Pantone 1935 C)

BW-117 Cheesewax

BW-100 Cheesewax with Orange FDA approved pigment (Pantone 1665 C)

BW-150 Cheesewax

BW-100 Cheesewax with Navy Blue FDA approved pigment (Pantone 3025 C)