SouthWest Wax is committed to developing value-added solutions for our customers. We do this through innovative, highly engineered formula developments meeting specific end-user requirements. Our Technical Team has over 50 years of combined experience within the specialty wax and petroleum products industry.

Our technical team works with high-quality raw materials, along with processing and packaging innovations that result in creative product enhancement opportunities for our customers.

To support our customer’s need for continuous improvement, SouthWest Wax offers on-site audits of your processes for value-added enhancements. Our Technical Team will work with your staff to identify specific areas for improvement, including products, manufacturing services, equipment, and logistics.

SouthWest Wax has developed unique formulations for a range of applications including: wine sealing waxes, hot melt adhesives, personal care waxes, metal coatings, packaging, and candles.

If your company requires unique products, formulations, or manufacturing assistance, please take a few moments to complete and send an inquiry form located within the Contact tab. Our SouthWest Wax Team would like to hear from you to provide the technical support required for your application needs.