SouthWest Wax provides value-added solutions for our customers. Our Company’s foundation is built on Personalized Customer Service and Premium Quality Value-Added Products, supplied in user-friendly forms and packages that meet customer needs.

All of our employees are personally committed to servicing our customers.

SouthWest Wax has a worldwide logistics and distribution network. Complementing our manufacturing sites are strategically located warehouses throughout North America and around the globe.

The SouthWest Wax Technical Team works closely with customers in a partnership approach to provide highly engineered products and services. The main focus of our target markets is providing value-added applications. Please contact our Technical Service Team to review specific requirements.

Unique product packaging includes user-friendly wax pastilles packaged in bags, metal or fibre drums, in addition to the industry standard of wax slabs wrapped securely and safely on pallets and in carton form.

SouthWest Wax provides services to end-users in a wide range of market applications. Please reference our homepage for a list of our general market segments. If you have further questions regarding our markets, products, specialty packaging or require sales and technical assistance with new product development, please complete the form located on the Contact page. The SouthWest Wax Team would like to help you solve your customer needs.